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Dance Instructor


Welcome to VIP DANCE

VIP Dance Sacramento, formerly VIP Dance Ballroom Academy, has been open for 10 years. Founded by Barnaly Pande and Danny Lerer, VIP Dance continues to be a top-tier dance studio in the Sacramento area. With their many accomplishments, Danny and Barnaly shared their knowledge and expertise with many generations of dancers. Their love of dance radiated through everything they contributed to their community.


Danny and Barnaly passed the torch as they embarked on new life journeys and adventures outside of Sacramento. To carry on their

mission, Victor, our current owner, has opened up the studio and invited other dance studios and instructors to utilize our facility as well as incorporate them into our showcases twice a year. Together with Charlsie Montagne, Victor continues to create new paths for dancers to gather and share their love of dance.


It has always been the mission of this studio to provide the dance community with a warm and welcoming place for every person to learn and grow in their dance journey. We pride ourselves in our familial approach to learning and teaching. We love to laugh, joke, and be silly just as much as we value the focus and determined attention that is given to those who take dance seriously. So, whether you are just starting out or have decades of experience there is a place for you here,

at VIP Dance Sacramento.

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