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Meet The Team


VIP Dance Sacramento is dedicated to providing opportunities for children and adults to learn and grow, in excellence, on their Dance journey. We respect the independent growth and ambitions of all of our instructors which is why they are all independent contractors. However, this aspect does not diminish our familial attitude toward those who choose to work alongside us to grow the dance community.

VIP Instructors


Slava Kostianets

Dance Instructor


2017 USA Pro Rising Star American Smooth Champion 
2018 And 2019 Blackpool Pro American Smooth Finalists  
2018 And 2019 Blackpool Pro-Am Smooth Champion  
Finalists Of The Most USA Pro American Smooth Championships Won 33 Pro Rising Stars Competition In 2017

​We are proud to welcome Slava to our family this year! His performance record is impressive. What's more impressive? His warm attitude and easy-going style. We are looking forward to many years of growth and success!



Instructor coming soon



Del Campo Dance

Mike and Gina.jpg

Mike Del Campo

Dance Instructor

(916) 508-0424

Malko Performing Arts Academy

Sergey Malko.jpg

Sergy Malko

Dance Instructor

(916) 342-6294

Leslie Dickason Dance

Leslie_Dickason_photo-removebg-preview (1).png

Leslie Dickason

Dance Instructor

(916) 342-6294

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